Ron Paul in 2011: Veterans’ Day Rally

November 6, 2014 – Shortly before the first “Tea Party debate” during the Republican primary in 2011, Ron Paul hosted a rally for veterans in Spartanburg, South Carolina. And they got him fired up.

“Ya know, between just spending money in the military versus defense, there’s a big difference!” he said.

Ron shared memories of his own experience in the Air Force and how he “made the best of it.” He referred to the “the tragedy of the 1960’s” and connected it to the current day.

Regarding the recent US intervention in Libya, Dr. Paul presciently observed,

“Yes we overthrew a dictator but at the same time we introduced, right now, the strong possibility that the al-Qaeda will be very strong in Libya as in these other countries that are revolting.”

As is the theme of other #ThrowbackThursday Ron Paul videos, this power-packed speech proved once again: Ron Paul was right.