Follow Friday: Top Contributor Content on Voices of Liberty!

November 7, 2014—We want to commend our contributors for doing such great work with Voices of Liberty. To mark Follow Friday, we are listing to most viewed content produced by our contributors each week. Check back next Friday to see if the contributors below can hold on to their top placement or be bumped off by a rising voice of liberty.

10 Awesome Movies with Libertarian Messages
SPOILER ALERT: An Inconvenient Truth did not make Jason Peirce‘s list. But this list was shared so many times it’s hot enough to warm the globe. Find out how to follow him here.


18 Times Obama Did Things We Absolutely Do Not Agree With
Jason Peirce didn’t hold back when he answered HuffPo’s weak sauce attempt at dissent. Read this.

What Were these 10 Libertarians Doing in Their 20s?
Besides making fashion statements? Jason Peirce tells the wild tales you won’t believe.

10 Reasons Why We Should End the War on Marijuana
You think you know the arguments, but you haven’t seen #4 and the map that goes along with it. Jason Peirce isn’t blowing smoke.

The Truth About Obama’s Economy
Jason Peirce returns once more with a power-packed (and well-sourced) post makes even the most ardent critic of Obama feel like Paul Krugman by the end.

Absolute Power: An Absolute Absurdity
Mike Maharrey masterfully lays out an argument that will make you think. And you’ll never watch football the same way again. Find out how to follow him here.


5 Most Annoying Things Neocons Say
Last but not least, top contributor Ben Lewis brings the pain with this one. #3 will make you want to scream or punch something. Find out how to follow him here.