How the Tea Party Has Been Infiltrated & What Must Be Done

Stop our unlimited funding of Israel!

Patriots across the nation should be looking at their representatives more closely and analyzing how much they support this unlimited funding and asking why it never ends. Ron Paul agrees we need to stop sending foreign aid to Israel. He said:

The best thing for the U.S. and Israel is to never second-guess Israel and never send her, or any other country for that matter, U.S. dollars that have been taken from the poor people of this country.

Some have been brave enough to speak out against the Israeli Lobby and this funding but then groups like AIPAC get a hold of them and they flip-flop on their answers. The point is, that we should be questioning why we only do this with one country, especially a nation who hasn’t always been our friend (remember the U.S.S. Liberty?) Also, look at how many of our Congressional representatives hold dual citizenship.


I write this article as a plea to Tea Party activists across the nation. We must crush the duopoly and put an end to the two-party corruption that is out to destroy our Republic. The war is not left vs. right, it is “us” vs. “them” and it’s vital to understand how “collectivism” is what is crushing us. G. Edward Griffin explains why this has to be the main battle in the war for our liberties and freedom: