#AskRonPaul: Police Aggression, Nonintervention, Gold and More

November 14, 2014—Members submitted some interesting questions to Voices of Liberty. Tune in to hear Ron Paul’s responses to all of them!

Below are the questions submitted. Sign up and submit your question today.

Robert Karapetyan
What is your take on the perpetual denial of the Armenian genocide by the US, British, and Israeli governments?

Michael Simon
How might I use gold coin in the event of a total economic collapse? In other words, how many people will be favorably predisposed toward it to such an extent that I will be able to engage in free and voluntary exchanges using it when the dollar’s purchasing power goes to zero?

Stuart Palmer
Dr. Paul, besides voting, what is the single most important thing we as citizens can do to shift away from the status quo and back to Liberty?

Tom Griffin
Why don’t you, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and Willie Nelson form your own political party?

Andy Okuneff
How can the issue of massive student debt be ameliorated in the years to come?

Sharidan Koski
Do you believe we need an independent president considering the lobbyists’ power and party politics? Also, isn’t it high time we abandon the Electoral College?

Andrew Vinson
It seems with every passing year our police force around the country is getting more aggressive. What can I do to help change the path our police state is going?

Gavin Palmer
You advocate non-intervention policy in general. I am not an absolutist. Are there any military interventions by any government at any time in history – that you condone? If so, why?