People Finally Care About Their Privacy Because of Snowden

November 14, 2014—A new poll by Pew Research Center shows 81 percent of Americans don’t feel their privacy is secure within social media and that nearly a third of Americans feel the same way about landline phones. There is also a correlation between feeling insecure and the amount of news one has read or heard regarding mass surveillance.

From the article at Pando Daily:

This demonstrates the importance Snowden’s whistleblowing has outside attempts to rein in government surveillance. His decision also provided mainstream journalists the reasons they needed to learn about the amount of data collected by private companies, how that data is sent, and how the government’s spying efforts rely on the proliferation of modern tools and services.

How many people were talking about the amount of metadata Facebook gathers every time one of its users posts a status update before Snowden’s disclosures? Even if the answer was greater than zero, how many people were actually listening when someone talked about “metadata” and “data” and the unbelievable amounts of information traveling via every Internet connection?

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