5 Easy Steps to Get Started Using Bitcoin

4. Create a bitcoin address.
Bitcoin addresses are used to receive bitcoin. They are meant to be single-use tokens that are generated for each unique transaction. To create your first bitcoin address, go to the “Receive” tab.

You will notice three fields, all of which are optional.


1) An optional label may describe the type of transaction, i.e. withdrawal, payment, donation, etc.

2) An optional amount of bitcoin to request from those who receive your URI or QR code.

3) An optional message to attach to the payment request from those who receive your URI or QR code.

After you fill in the fields to your satisfaction, click the “Request payment” button. This will create a single-use bitcoin address, which will display in a new window.


1) Giving out your URI address will attach the optional payment amount request and message.

2) This is the bitcoin address.

3) This is the optional label associated with the bitcoin address.

4) This is a QR code image that can be scanned by cell phones and tablets to receive a bitcoin address.