Why is the U.S. Government Aiding & Abetting Terrorists?

November 19, 2014—Could it be to justify boots on the ground in Syria, soon, or is it about money and oil? Let’s analyze all the details and facts, then you decide.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that the U.S., accidentally, airdropped weapons that fell into the hands of ISIS, near Kobane, Syria. Later, the U.S. tried to cover it up by saying it was not a mistake, that they were trying to get it into the hands of the Kurds. According to the U.S. Central Command website the drop was to “to resupply Kurdish forces on the ground defending the city against ISIL.” These Kurdish forces, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), are listed on the State Departments’ Foreign Terrorist Organizations list from the Bureau of Counterterrorism.

Isn’t that treason to the Constitution? What if an American citizen was caught providing weapons to some organization on this list?

So, let’s get this straight: the American regime is getting us into WWIII by helping and funding the Syrian “moderate rebels” to fight against ISIS when we created and funded them to start with, and now we are aiding a terrorist group. And ISIS got their hands on the weapons because our military made a mistake. Are we supposed to believe that our military is just that careless?

Another “mistake” must be how we are performing the airstrikes in the middle of the night to empty buildings instead of during the day when the Islamic “terrorists” are in the buildings. This poor strategy is described on Fox News by LT Col Ralph Peters (RET) where he says, “President Obama didn’t want to hurt any terrorists.”

The Central Command website, also, says that “This assistance is another example of U.S. resolve to deny ISIL key terrain and safe haven as well as our commitment to assist those forces who oppose ISIL.” People in the liberty movement realize how ridiculous this statement is when we all know that the reason ISIS has a safe haven there is because we’ve been providing it. Rand Paul discusses this on CNN when he says “We have been fighting alongside ISIS… We are with ISIS in Syria, we’re on the same side of the war so those who want to get involved to stop ISIS in Iraq are allied with ISIS in Syria… that is the real contradiction to this whole policy.” Later, he also points out that “We should have not armed them. If we wouldn’t have armed them in Syria maybe they wouldn’t be in Iraq. We are still arming the radical Islamic rebels in Syria.”

Is it the plan of the U.S., in conjunction with Israel, to fund both sides and to continue creating more terrorist cells along the way just to confuse the American people who lack knowledge of the area? Here is a map that shows how crazy all of this has become.


So, why are we aiding the Kurds now? The Director of the Kurdistan regional government out of Washington DC – Karwan Zebari – admitted on CSPAN that the Kurds are entitled to $9 billion from oil revenues in Baghdad in helping Israel to conquer the region known as “Greater Israel.”

Now that the neocons are in charge of the Congress, it hasn’t taken long for pundit Max Boot to start demanding, “Start a War Now!” and maybe this airdrop is the very propaganda ploy that is necessary for those boots on the ground that the neocons can’t wait to gain.

The strategies of the United States in this conflict make about as much sense as it did getting us into the Vietnam War over the Gulf of Tonkin that never, actually, occurred. No wonder Washington and Jefferson tried to warn us about avoiding “entangling alliances” with foreign nations! We are only inviting blowback from all of the entities involved, even when we did get them started.


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