Private Drones Being Regulated Out of the Sky

November 30, 2014—Not just for secret assassinations anymore, drones are part of a burgeoning commercial industry that promises to enhance safety, convenience, and recreation for private owners. But as prices on the unmanned aerial vehicles begin to fall, government regulations are taking off.

Most egregious is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule requiring a pilot’s license be obtained by any private user of drone technology, a prohibitive cost for many people not to mention wholly irrelevant to how the machines actually operate.

From the article at Washington Post:

The rules, drone experts said, could potentially crush a high-tech, wide-ranging industry still in its infancy. In a survey of drone-related business owners, Colin Snow, the founder of Drone Analyst, said the market for small drones “would basically die” if regulators demanded rules like pilot licensing.

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The silver lining is that the FAA’s overreach might be so intolerable that people just ignore them. Amazon and other companies interested in delivery service may be so inclined as well.

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