NSA Able to Hack Any Cellular Network Globally

December 8, 2014—Because the National Security Agency (NSA) has hacked into hundreds of cellular and security technology companies, no location or network on Earth is safe from surveillance. The NSA is compromising global communications under a program called AURORAGOLD so it may always be one step ahead of software and hardware developers.

From the article at Ars Technica:

It’s not the first time the US agency has been reported to introduce backdoors into widely used technologies. Last year documents provided by former NSA subcontractor Edward Snowden—the same source for documents supporting Thursday’s story by The Intercept—showed that the NSA worked with standards bodies to adopt encryption technologies with known vulnerabilities in them. Two weeks later, the RSA division of EMC warned customers to stop using the default configuration of its BSAFE BSAFE toolkit and Data Protection Manager because it contained code reported to contain an NSA-engineered vulnerability.

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