My Government Shutdown Would Be Something to be Proud of

December 9, 2014—There’s talk once again of a government shutdown. Don’t worry—it won’t happened if you’re worried about your benefits. If you’re not worried about your benefits, don’t get your hopes up.

So-called government shutdowns are mediocre PR stunts. Politicians pontificate and lay blame. The media becomes the judge and the jury of who’s at fault for the non-crisis. Nothing important ever


stops. Government is on perpetual autopilot. The Fed, the regulators, the wars, the executive orders, the entitlement system—the entire system doesn’t even pause.

What would I shut down if given the opportunity for it to have any meaning?

First, the Fed. No more welfare for the rich.

Second, the IRS. Let the people keep all of their earnings and spend their money in their own interest.

Third, abolish the NSA, the TSA, the CIA and all spying on American citizens.

Spending would stop, no federal printing presses and no stolen money from the people would end entitlements, which mostly go to the rich. And all of our wars—we would come home from the 150 countries where we have troops stationed.

Now that’s a government shutdown that would not go unnoticed and something to be proud of!