5 Official Government Narratives Debunked

Top 5 State Myths Busted on The Scott Horton Show in 2014

December 11, 2014—Scott Horton has over 3,000 interviews under his belt since he first got behind a mic in 2003. Horton’s show is billed as “libertarian foreign policy mostly” though his guests run the gamut of political persuasions. That approach has placed Horton among the most important interviewers in talk radio. Here are his top five interviews shared on VOL!

1. Dean Ahmad from the Minaret of Freedom Institute, Israel-Palestine


“The most graphic representation of the problem was when the Israelis allowed a Jewish American who had never been to Israel and who had murdered a Hispanic out here in Montgomery County here in Maryland, they allowed him into Israel on the grounds that as a Jew.”

Horton asks, “What do you think libertarians need to understand about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?”

Ahmad gives the free market Muslim perspective on the Middle East, highlighting the property rights discrepancy along ethnic and religious lines.