These 10 Countries Imprison the Most Journalists

December 18, 2014—At a time in America when the media is up against arguably the most hostile presidential administration in history, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has released its top 10 countries with the most journalists behind bars. 220 journalists were locked up in 2014.

With the top two countries China and Iran holding 44 and 30 respectively, that’s where you’ll find a third of all members of the press thrown in the pokey.

The rest of the list is below:
3. Eritrea
4. Ethiopia
5. Vietnam
6. Syria
7. Egypt
8. Burma
9. Azerbaijan
10. Turkey

From the article at Media Bistro:

“China’s use of anti-state charges and Iran’s revolving door policy in imprisoning reporters, bloggers, editors, and photographers earned the two countries the dubious distinction of being the world’s worst and second worst jailers of journalists, respectively,” explained the CPJ report. “Together, China and Iran are holding a third of journalists jailed globally—despite speculation that new leaders who took the reins in each country in 2013 might implement liberal reforms.”

Read the whole article here.

Egypt and Turkey are allies of the United States as of the time of this report. There was no word in the report on whether or not the US is the #1 surveilling country of journalists.

Is jailing journalists unnecessary in an age of the surveillance state?