A Bill Whose Time Has Come: Will Audit the Fed Pass in 2015?

January 12, 2015—Audit the Fed has passed the House twice before, but could it be voted on in the Senate for the first time in 2015? Mitch McConnell, as the new Senate Majority Leader, is under pressure to put it up for a vote. Charles Goyette and Ron Paul dive into the issue and talk about the strategy and realistic expectations of true transparency at the Federal Reserve.

Some takeaway quotes from Ron Paul:

“How good will McConnell be? It’s still unknown. It depends on what the grassroots are thinking.”

“I do not believe the president would sign this.”

“In other words all this activity is very good. People shouldn’t be frustrated… But it’s not going to result in us knowing all the secrets.”

“This is still beneficial because the next crisis is approaching. There will be bailouts. And they will not have the free reign like they had the last go around.”

“The people know the Fed is significant and that we need to keep an eye on it.”

“I feel good about the fact the conditions have changed in the past 6 years or so.”

Do you think the next financial crisis will come before or after a vote on RP-audit-the-Fed