Court Decision Forcing Chemo on Teen Threatens Civil Liberties

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In one way, when it’s the state coming down on your, and they want to throw the book at you, they can say, “You’re 17 but you’re really an adult and we’ll treat you like that.” When it comes to this youngster wanting to make an adult decision, they come down and say that she can’t do this.

The big question is what kind of a precedent does this set? Does this mean the state is going to act as a parent? Well, that’s already a major problem and it’s going to make things worse. Ever since we talked about many decades ago about the pros and cons of putting stuff in our water to take care of us, like fluoride, that’s actually a treatment. That’s not to keep the water pure.

This has been around a long time and we have what essentially is forced immunization or a lot of pressure to have immunization. We have a problem in schools because of a lot of pressure from the teachers and supervisors to put kids that might be hyperactive on drugs. A lot of them are on drugs because of pressure. The ruling actually came down…