Court Decision Forcing Chemo on Teen Threatens Civil Liberties

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The ruling said a certain agency of government had the right to force her to do that and it was the Department of Children and Family. I didn’t even know they had one. I know about CPS, Child Protective Services. Every state probably has this and they can march in and be pretty ruthless at times too. But actually in Connecticut it’s the Department of Children and Family.

Well, there was a time in this country where the family was the family, and if the parents weren’t there, maybe it would be siblings or uncles or grandparents or somebody else, but it wasn’t this automatic option that the state can move in and make these decisions.

I think this is another example of the government taking over on medical decisions and educational decisions, and something that really threatens our civil liberties. The ideal would be the government would be out of both and all, but governments have been involved in education and medicine for a long time and they will be…