Court Decision Forcing Chemo on Teen Threatens Civil Liberties

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I think the case ought to be made that parents are the responsible parties and not the government, and they’re responsible for the material care of children too and not assume that children or anybody else are entitled to have the government take care of them.

We have lived in a society which is a welfare type of society where we believe in entitlement and once the entitlements come, then the government has this responsibility they assume in taking care of the children.

This is not a good ruling and will lead to more problems. But like I say, there’s been a lot of that going on, different rules in different states. This is in Connecticut, but it is a move that probably wouldn’t surprise a lot of others.

This is an interesting case to keep an eye on and see just exactly what the 17 year old will do. Possibly she’ll run away again, which is really rather sad—a 17 year-old trying to escape from big government because she wants to make her own decision.

I’m glad you tuned in today and come back to the Ron Paul Channel soon.