#Declassify 9/11 Because the American People Deserve It


The suspicion of many is they say it has something to do with Saudi Arabia. That’s quite possible because it was public record, and I remember it very clearly after 9/11, when many us were struggling to get out of DC, that we heard that the family of Bin Laden … There were quite a few members in this country. They were ushered out of the country. They were taken to their private jets. They got on their jet, and they weren’t even questioned.

Not that that I think they were part of it or anything else, but you’d think the Bin Laden family in this country could have been questioned about what happened. We don’t know exactly what is in this information that they have withheld, but I’m all for getting it out, and I know the American people deserve to have it out.

We paid for this. It’s our information and the President of the United States, whether it’s Bush or Obama. They have no right to deny this to the American people. I want to thank you for tuning in today and come back soon.