Saudi Blogger Badawi Gets 1,000 Lashes for Criticizing Government

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They get monetary benefits by us giving them military protection but at times the friction builds up but the point of this is not so much that we should be involved in that part of the world militarily and diplomatically as much as saying the inconsistency, the outcry, much of it justified about the 17 killed in Paris, really nothing said about the beheadings in Saudi Arabia and the type of treatment an individual gets. Guess what? Freedom of speech, maybe, making criticism of the government on his website, getting his website closed down, and this outlandish punishment, and very little is being said about this and I think people should try once in a while to be a little bit more consistent in being critical of other people, and yeah, it is the media that carries this and our government and in reports but this is an outrage.

The only thing I can suggest is public pressure from around the world should be complaining about this and maybe they would back off. They might even back off on this punishment, this punishment of 50 lashes or 20 lashes per day is just starting, so there’s a possibility they will back off but the history shows that they probably won’t. Thank you very much for tuning in today and come back to the channel soon.