Mother Faces 2 Years in Prison for Treating Son with Marijuana

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Their spiritual life depended on the government forcing them to do certain things in a religious sense, and there’s still that existing in this world today. It’s absurd to think that you could force that on an individual, but we need to see this in habits as well. You can’t force good habits on people and you can’t force people to obey the government when it makes no sense at all and so often that is the case.

In spite of this, and this looks like a setback, I think it’s temporary, I think freedom of choice and the use of most drugs is an idea whose time has come, fortunately, and the majority of the American people are with us. I can remember very clearly talking about this 20, 30 years ago and it was always assumed it was political suicide and I always took the position that if you state the position clearly, politically, you won’t be punished, and that eventually you may change people’s minds.

I think this is one place where the freedom movement has prevailed and has had a success. We just have to continue to fight this battle and defend individuals like this because it’s so outrageous what the government is trying to do to an individual that just wants to take care of her son.

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