This MLK Day, Remind Our Leaders to Champion Civil Liberties


There are people in this world who really believe that if not for laws telling people how to run their business, who to serve, who to hire and what not to do, this racial segregation would start all over again. Like somehow if people weren’t told not to be racist they would revert to old ways. Business owners would turn away paying customers and damage their reputation out of hate. Employers would purposely choose less efficient candidates over more qualified candidates based on their skin color, gender or creed and still be market leaders. Or even extreme cases that murder would be legalized for individuals if people were of certain races. But in all actuality it’s not those that laws are enforced onto but the ones who enforce laws that should be checked.

Now, with recent publicized cop interactions you may think I am just referring to the police. But I am not; I am referring to the whole government. Non-victim crimes such as possession of marijuana are being punished like never before, with results especially hurting minority communities even though use is near equal across all races. Government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service and Environmental Protection Agency are harassing citizens based not on their appearance, but on their nerve to think differently and oppose them. Wars are being fought around the globe financed on made-up fairytale money created from the value our dollar, meanwhile our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling to the ground and citizens just scrape by. On top of this all, the very real issue of police militarization is that it transforms those meant to protect us into those we now fear.

With liberty comes choice, and with choice comes responsibility. Ten out of 10 times, I would rather have responsibility over my own life than give that responsibility to a heartless, soulless entity known as the government, run by people with no real incentive for my best interests, but just my begrudging vote every few years.

You see, when government hurts or kills people, consequences are few and far between, with rare punishment coming extremely late. In the private sector—controlled by individuals—justice is swift. Those that make bad products, give bad customer service, racially discriminate or injure customers are often voted out by the marketplace.

No one wants to go to the one racist restaurant in town, just as no one wants to eat at the place with overpriced burgers, horrid service, and cockroaches. Whereas when government officials make huge mistakes…