This MLK Day, Remind Our Leaders to Champion Civil Liberties


Dr. King fought for the very principals this country was founded on: life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness. He wished for all people to be free and for all people to come together in the love of Christ. King never said he believed his race or any other race to be supreme, just that everyone should be on the same playing field. King wanted equal protection under the law as well as equal treatment. He did not want everyone to be told what to do but rather everyone to be free to exist, side by side without fear of government retribution.

So this Martin Luther King Day remember the great sacrifice made to fight for freedom and bring us closer as a people. Maybe you don’t see people of other backgrounds as very often, well I challenge you to change that, I challenge you to find someone you think would be your polar opposite and have a real talk or as the bible puts it in the Psalms “deep to deep”. Get to know the person and talk with them what they feel about freedom. Chances are they are like you and me and just waiting for government to step out of the way so we can all once again scream “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”

Tell your leaders how you feel we need to support freedoms of all for a better society. Learn how to reach your representatives via social media…