Snowden: Surveillance Couldn’t Prevent Paris Attack


January 22, 2015—International terrorist attacks keep proving NSA spying whistleblower Edward Snowden right. Snowden has said that agencies like the NSA are constantly throwing hay into a stack without ever considering the needle buried deep down.

From the article at The Hill:

“We see that France passed one of the most intrusive, expansive surveillance laws in all of Europe last year, and it didn’t stop the attack,” he added. “This is consistent with what we’ve seen in every country.”
Snowden pointed to attacks in Spain, London and the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon.

“I was at the NSA [National Security Agency] on the day the Boston marathon bombing occurred,” he said. “I was walking into the cafeteria with one of my colleagues… I said to him: ‘You know, I’m willing to bet almost anything that we knew who these people were, that we had something on them,’ and later on found out that that was the case.”

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Snowden isn’t making it up. Documents he leaked show the NSA is mining personal data by means other than its own. That means even after the NSA has accumulated all the hay it can, it still refuses to study or even look for any needles…