Drone Video Shows Bombing Campaign in Eastern Ukraine


January 26, 2015—New video captured by a drone over the airport in Donetsk, Ukraine shows harrowing images of the Kiev central government’s bombing campaign against rebels. The ongoing battles in that area have resulted in 9 or 10 Ukrainian soldier deaths, 2 civilian deaths and dozens of injuries. It’s not easy keeping up with the casualties.

From an article at Antiwar.com:

At least six Ukrainian soldiers were killed and another 18 wounded in the past 24 hours, according to military officials, as fighting over the Donetsk airport has once again picked up.

The value of the airport is largely symbolic, as it is in the de facto rebel capital. The terminal and the runways are mostly destroyed from months of fighting, and are unlikely to be repaired any time soon.

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From a Saturday, January 17 article at Reuters:

“In the past 24 hours three Ukrainian service personnel have been killed and 18 wounded. Yesterday evening we succeeded in evacuating the wounded from the airport,” military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said.

Separatists were concentrating their fire on Saturday on the airport’s new terminal and its weather station.

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From a Saturday, January 17 article today at Russia Today:

An old man who pretended to be a local resident came to the checkpoint at 2:00 pm and gave the soldiers a three-liter jar of honey, thanking them for their service. When he left the men tried to open the jar and it detonated.

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