Can the U.S. Forge Diplomatic Ties with Iran and Israel?

Chris Matthews Whines About Boehner’s ‘Sabotage’ Netanyahu Invite

January 30, 2015—Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in. I want to comment a little bit about what’s going on with the invitation by Boehner to Netanyahu to come and address the joint session of congress. It’s interesting because this is unusual. I don’t even know if it’s ever happened before. Most people say it probably never did because they never told the president.

This has a little bit to do with diplomatic ties with Iran and the leader of Israel coming here. It’s interesting in that regard. It’s politics as usual because I think Boehner, what he wants to do, is get somebody on his side to say, “We don’t like our president for the way he’s operating foreign policy.” It has a lot to do with Iran.

Obama wants to continue to talk to the Iranians and maybe come up with an agreement and avoid a war with Iran. I tend to be very sympathetic to what the president says he’s doing. As long as that’s what he’s doing, I’m very sympathetic to that. All of a sudden now, we have this invitation but what it has done is it’s divided a group of people that are never divided.

They’re arguing about it in Israel. There’s a couple of newspapers saying this is … They are blaming Netanyahu for going. He shouldn’t go. It’s risky. The president is still a president. He can’t retaliate. It’s not good for the relationship between our two countries.

It’s really fascinating that this is going on. Even in this country, some of the very pro-Zionist groups that are very, very supportive of Israel, they’re split on this too. One of the most interesting remarks was made by Chris Matthews. He really was upset with this and said, “You know, this actually could lead to war.” While he was referring to this, it would interrupt the negotiations with Obama and the Iranians and lead to a bigger problem if that breaks down. He’s assuming it could be much worse.

I think this is mostly politics and it’s spilled over its republicans against democrats where Boehner wants to use Netanyahu to support a republican position. Chris Matthews makes that point too that Netanyahu is a bad guy. For a lot of criticism about Netanyahu, it was not uniform and say, “Oh no, this will be good for Israel and he should go and we can’t trust the president.”

The progressives here, people like Chris Matthews and New York Times are saying, “This is not a good idea.” It’s mainly, they don’t like republicans and it’s a republican idea. I don’t like it as an idea either because I do think diplomacy should be practiced the best way possible. The executive branch should know about a president of another country coming here.

This, to me, cannot lead to much good. Hopefully, it doesn’t get out of control but it’s something. It’s brand new. It’s different. Nobody knows how this is going to be resolved. It’s interesting to see at least little dissension about the uniformity usually that we see on our relationship with Israel.

We have the progressives right now being very critical of Netanyahu because he’s too right wing conservative republican and he doesn’t need to come here and interfere with the more progressive president Obama. I guess the main issue there … I see no problems with the president Netanyahu coming here but I don’t think it shouldn’t be under this circumstance.

Anyway, interesting subject. It will be in the news for a while, yada. I don’t think Netanyahu comes here until beginning of March. I’m sure there will be lots of coverage then. Anyway, thank you very much for tuning in. Come back soon.