Government Fail: Obama’s Free College Plan Had No Chance

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February 3, 2015—Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in. A little bit of good news today. Not too long ago I talked about the President’s desire to give everybody free two years of college in junior college. Free of course means somebody else is going to pay for it and somebody will also worry about it.

But one of his ways of raising the money was to take away the tax benefit from the people who save money in savings account which are exempt from taxes and take that money and use it to give the free education. People who are responsible for their own effort to save money and take care of the kids are going to be punished to take care of other people who might be just, “I’m going to go to college. I don’t know what for but I’m going to take it, it’s free.”

This I thought was a terrible idea. It reminded me of the time when I put a bill in Congress to try to protect the young people who go to 4H and they raise animals and they earn thousands of dollars when they sell their animals. Then the next week or so, the IRS is on their doorstep. These kids that have gotten money that they can use to go to college, they go and put taxes on that. They take the money and then the kids who wanted to go to college with their own money are forced and, “Oh borrow it from the government”, which is completely the wrong way.

In this circumstances, the good thing that came of this was there were a bunch of Republicans and a bunch of Democrats that raised concern about this and Obama backed out. He will (government fail). But to me, the story here is that if the people are upset and there’s an attitude that they want to send to Washington, they will listen. But you need to have a clear message and you need enough people to do it and they will back out.

Attitudes and education are really the key to it. When you change people’s attitudes, you will change Congress. When the people know that the government service is a bad system and they’re disgusted with it, believe me, Congress will eventually have to change it but education is very important.

This case, the education came because as soon as the people knew that the government, even if it was Obama, even Democrats didn’t like it and he backed out. That to me is good news and it tells me that as long as we work to change people’s minds and attitudes and change their opinions, that is the way you change government. Thank you very much for tuning in today and come back soon.