Obamacare Repeal and Replace Bill Passes House


February 3, 2015—In its fourth attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the GOP-led House voted Tuesday to completely repeal Obamacare.

The 239-186 vote fell mostly along party lines, with three Republicans dissenting—Illinois Congressman Robert Dold, New York Congressman John Katko and Maine Congressman Bruce Poliquin.

What’s different this time around? Well, this bill would require new policies to be developed and implemented in its place. This “repeal and replace” action is the first time the House has coupled Obamacare with a directive to replace it.

From TheHill.com:

The biggest potential roadblock for the healthcare law could be at the Supreme Court, which, in March, will hear arguments on whether the federal government can provided subsidies for consumers to purchase healthcare coverage in states that did not set up their own health insurance exchanges.

The case, King v. Burwell, could potentially cripple ObamaCare, as it would eliminate subsidies for people whose states chose not to set up exchanges in defiance of the law.

A decision in the case is expected by late June.

Tuesday’s vote is nearly the 60th in the last four years in the House to undermine or repeal the law, since Republicans took over the chamber in 2011.

The last full repeal vote was in May 2013.

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