Radical Entrepreneurship in the Free State Project

February 12, 2015—Mike Vine got involved with the liberty movement at age thirteen looking into third parties for a school project. Libertarianism was the one for him. In August 2011, Mike and his wife moved from Manhattan to New Hampshire to be a part of the Free State Project.

New York increasingly failed to offer things they wanted in their lives. From independent businesses to the ability for him to start his own, Centinel Consulting. A primarily liberty-oriented businessman, Mike is essentially able to be a “professional libertarian.” He writes about Austrian Economics and alternative investments such as gold and silver. In this video, Mike expands on the latest project he is working on – The Praxeum. It’s a flexible use space for the liberty community with a co-working aspect as well as a venue for community meetings, homeschooling, Austrian study groups, and more.

Based in New Hampshire, movers of the Free State Project are putting into practice a slew of tactics to advance liberty and be part of a productive, harmonious, and, most importantly, voluntary community.

In partnership with Voices of Liberty (formerly the Ron Paul Channel) and hosted by Cecelia Fairchild, Beau Davis and Shire Dude, ItsLikeThisToo highlights the efforts of Free State Project movers. Their political efforts, alternative education, outreach, efforts to become self-sustaining, and simply living free are examples of the ingenuity that abounds when individuals from all walks of life move to a common location. And with a shared goal of liberty, their work is both limitless and awe-inspiring. See for yourself.

We’re going to take you on an adventure!