Rethinking Lincoln and Liberty: 8 Questions

Question 6: Did Lincoln trample on the Constitution? Historians such as Cinton Rossiter and Brion McClanahan affirm what DiLorenzo calls Lincoln’s “demolition of civil liberties.” Rossiter, author of Constitutional Dictatorship, called Lincoln a “great dictator,” saying “Lincoln’s amazing disregard for the… Constitution was considered by nobody as legal.”

Here’s DiLorenzo: “Among Lincoln’s unconstitutional acts were launching an invasion without the consent of Congress, blockading Southern ports before formally declaring war, unilaterally suspending the writ of habeas corpus and arresting and imprisoning thousands of Northern citizens without a warrant, censoring telegraph communications, confiscating private property, including firearms, and effectively gutting the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.”

Adds McCalanahan: “He (Lincoln) was more concerned about saving his party… There is nothing good that comes out of (the war) with the exception of the end of slavery… If you want to talk about constitutional government you cannot admire Abraham Lincoln one iota. This guy trampled all over the Constitution and the founding principles.

Below: Tom DiLorenzo on CSPAN