Citizenfour Wins Academy Award For Best 2014 Documentary

February 21, 2015—This year’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ award for best documentary feature went to Loura Poitras’ Citizenfour, the 2014 film that offers a first-hand look at the events that put the NSA whistleblower in the spotlight in June of 2013.


We reported on Citizenfour’s nomination here.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the award represents a great opportunity for others to get acquainted with what happens behind the National Security Agency’s comprehensive spying program. If you’re already a fan of Edward Snowden and the movie, the breaking report from the civil liberties organization may be of interest.

From EEF:

“Tonight’s Oscar win recognizes not only the incredible cinematography of Poitras, but also her daring work with a high-stakes whistleblower and the journalism that kick-started a worldwide debate about surveillance and government transparency. We suspect this award was also, as the New York Times pointed out, “a way for Academy members to make something of a political statement, without having to put their own reputations on the line.””

To many, it’s still early to pinpoint just what was the primary factor that moved Academy members to vote for Citizenfour. Until Hollywood actually warms up to stories involving current political issues, there’s a series of steps that common Americans can take to show their unfavorable stance. According to EFF, getting involved by fighting legislation that expands the massive surveillance program is one of them.

Here at Voices Of Liberty, we’re getting ready to interview Edward Snowden, and you could have a question answered by the NSA whistleblower if you participate by following this link.

If you haven’t watched Citizenfour yet, a quick search with the help of Google may give you information on showing times around your area. For more details on the documentary, visit the film’s website at


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