Lindsey Graham Admits He Votes to Protect His Job, Not Constitution

Lindsey Graham /(lind-zee grey-uhm) n. A coward

February 24, 2015—For anyone who thinks there is a legitimate debate going on in Congress right now over the president’s executive order on immigration, you’ve got another thing coming. As is typical in Washington, appearances are not always as they seem.

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Earlier this week, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on Fox and Friends to voice his opinion about the DHS funding bill currently in the Senate. The Republicans are trying to pass the bill, which excludes funding for Obama’s executive immigration order, but have been blocked thus far by Democrats bent on seeing Obama’s plan put into action.

What Graham did on the morning show was chop the feet out from under those supporting the bill. He believes the correct course of action is to pass a clean bill funding Obama’s plan for immigration, letting the states fight it out in the courts.

You might be wondering why? No doubt you remember back to your high school government course and you know that it is the responsibility of Congress to check executive power. So why would Lindsey Graham suggest Congress duck its responsibility when it comes to immigration? Simple. He doesn’t want to get “blamed.”

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The good senator believes if he does stand up on principle and fight the massive power grab, it might hurt his chances for reelection. And that’s something he just can’t have.

Lindsey Graham is a political coward. He is a sellout. It’s not enough that Graham supports the gross violation of your 4th amendment right to privacy by flat out asserting that the NSA should be able to collect whatever data it needs without cause or a warrant. Now, when his own authority is being attacked by an overreaching executive, Graham prefers to cower and hide rather than take a stand hoping it will save his seat for one more term.

I’ve always been shocked at how quickly the Roman Republic fell. How easy it was for Hitler to gain power in Germany. The truth is, when the majority of politicians care more about saving their own skin than they do defending the republic, we’re all doomed.

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Lindsey Graham Admits He Votes to Protect His Job, Not Constitution
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