Snowden Discusses ‘Invisible’ Changes Since NSA Spying Revelations


February 24, 2015—Some of the biggest changes that have been made since Edward Snowden revealed information on the U.S. government’s unwarranted mass surveillance and data collection programs back in 2013 are “invisible,” according to the NSA spying whistleblower.

Snowden posted the following comments during a Reddit AMA:

“Many of the changes that are happening are invisible because they’re happening at the engineering level. Google encrypted the backhaul communications between their data centers to prevent passive monitoring. Apple was the first forward with an FDE-by-default smartphone (kudos!). Grad students around the world are trying to come up with ways to solve the metadata problem (the opportunity to monitor everyone’s associations — who you talk to, who you sleep with, who you vote for — even in encrypted communications).

“The biggest change has been in awareness. Before 2013, if you said the NSA was making records of everybody’s phonecalls and the GCHQ was monitoring lawyers and journalists, people raised eyebrows and called you a conspiracy theorist.

“Those days are over. Facts allow us to stop speculating and start building, and that’s the foundation we need to fix the internet. We just happened to be the generation stuck with fighting these fires.”

What changes do you wish would have been made as a result of Snowden’s revelations? Tell us in the comments!

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