Ron Paul on Ukraine Coup: ‘Interventionism Kills’


February 26, 2015—Ron Paul marked the anniversary of the movement that ousted Ukraine’s legally elected government by commenting on the event for his Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

In his column, Dr. Paul defended his views on how European and the United States governments are partially to blame for Ukraine’s current situation.

Ukraine wouldn’t be in this hopeless situation without foreign intervention, Dr. Paul said.

The events that led to the movement to oust then-president Viktor Yanukovych offer us an idea of the country’s desperate economic situation. According to Paul, Yanukovych was in search for a bailout. He looked everywhere for help, including the U.S., European Union, and Russia. Once he accepted taking the offer from Putin, West Ukrainians began protesting. But Ukrainians in the south and east supported Yanukovych’s deal. The lack of unity concerning these matters put the spotlight on the then-president’s eastern roots. To many Ukrainians in the West, Yanukovych was a Russian in disguise.

The events following Yanukovych’s deal with Russia were spiked with protests that grew violent and more dramatic. According to Paul, “a steady stream of US and EU politicians were openly participating, as protesters called for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government.”

At the time, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona made several trips to Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, to encourage protesters. It’s clear that McCain had nothing to do with what happened in foreign countries, so why was he addressing the crowd in Ukraine while serving the American people?

In his column remembering the coup, Ron Paul asked if you would feel angry if something like that happened here:

“Imagine if a foreign leader like Putin or Assad came to Washington to encourage protesters to overthrow the Obama Administration!”

Before the European delegation broke a compromise that would allow for early elections in Ukraine, leaks indicated that the U.S. ambassador in Kiev and Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, had talked about plans for a new government in Kiev during a telephone call. Early elections never came. Instead, Yanukovych fled the country as violent groups took over the Ukrainian government.

Here’s how Ron Paul detailed the events that followed:

“When the east refused to recognize the new government as legitimate and held a referendum to secede from the west, Kiev sent in tanks to force them to submit. Rather than accept the will of those seeking independence from what they viewed as an illegitimate government put in place by foreigners, the Obama administration decided to blame it all on the Russians and began imposing sanctions!

That war launched by Kiev has lasted until the present, with a ceasefire this month brokered by the Germans and French finally offering some hope for an end to the killing. More than 5,000 have been killed and many of those were civilians bombed in their cities by Kiev.”

Do you think that Sen. McCain should’ve minded his business and stayed in America when the first protests were announced? Do you agree with Dr. Paul? Let us know by commenting below.

Sources: Ron Paul Institute

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