CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou on Torture Coverup, Silencing Dissent

Prosecuting CIA Officers for Torture

VOL: Do you find it frustrating that the people who actually did the torture, torture to the extent you didn’t realize at the time, are still free?

Kiriakou: I do understand how reasonable people could disagree about whether or not there should be prosecutions. I won’t argue that. I won’t debate that. But on the other hand, we know from the Senate torture report that there are CIA officers who went over and above what had been approved by the Department of Justice and the White House. We know there are at least two prisoners who died in CIA custody during their interrogations. Why aren’t those officers being prosecuted where deaths were involved? Why aren’t the officers who did things like rectal rehydration using hummus of all things, why aren’t they being prosecuted? Because that’s certainly not an approved technique. So I understand CIA officers shouldn’t be operating truly within the confines of the law, but what about those officers who knew they were not operating within the confines of the law?

VOL: Who conceived the torture plans?

Kiriakou: It’s really an exercise in group think….

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