CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou on Torture Coverup, Silencing Dissent

‘Enhanced Interrogation’ and Torture

VOL: Where would you say the line is drawn, or should be drawn, today between enhanced interrogation and torture?

Kiriakou: If you need special permission from the director of the CIA to do something to somebody, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. I always believed that there were so-called enhanced interrogation techniques that were worse than waterboarding. For example, the cold cell. You chill a cell to 50 degrees and then every hour you throw ice water on the prisoner, who is naked. People have died from that. Hasan Gould actually died in Afghanistan because of that technique. The other one that I really objected to was sleep deprivation. Former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld made a joke that he stands on his feet more than these al Qaeda prisoners were forced to stand on their feet. That’s just simply laughable. We had people deprived of sleep for as long as two weeks. And in one case, one of the prisoners lost his mind and was subsequently unable to participate in his own defense because of the sleep deprivation and what had happened because of it…

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