CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou on Torture Coverup, Silencing Dissent

Islamic Extremism in the Middle East

VOL: What are your thoughts on the growth and evolution of Islamic extremism in the Middle East from when you served in the CIA to today?

Kiriakou: The difference is simply astounding. I can’t help but to think that our policies played a role that ISIS, or the Islamic State, has seen. When Muslims hear stories about the United States torturing other Muslims, or when we launch drone strikes on villages and kill the wrong person, or accidentally wipe out a wedding—which we did at least half a dozen times in Afghanistan—or accidentally kill citizens who happen to be in the vicinity of the person we are looking to strike, that serves as a very powerful recruiting tool for Islamic extremists.

VOL: Do you believe Congress should grant President Obama war powers to fight ISIS?

Kiriakou: …Why does it always have to be American troops on the ground, or boots on the ground? It should be Arab boots on the ground with American support…

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