Actor Gives Facebook A Firsthand Look At Hollywood’s ‘Snowden’


March 3, 2015—Amid reports concerning Edward Snowden’s recent statements, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared a photo of himself as a young Snowden in U.S. Army uniform.

According to the actor, today marks the first day of shooting on Oliver Stone’s film about the NSA whistleblower.

The statement that accompanied the photo shows Gordon-Levitt was surprised to have learned Snowden wanted to fight in Iraq back in 2004. Unfortunately for the then teen Snowden, fractures to both of his legs led to an administrative discharge.

The actor also praised Snowden for deciding to continue to “serve his country” by getting involved with the CIA where his career began.

The actor closed his post with the following lines:

“Today’s scenes felt like a really good way to start this shoot. It was hard, but of course, nowhere near as hard as real basic training. And me, I’m just honored and excited to be doing a soldier sequence with Oliver. I keep saying to myself: ‘f***, this guy directed Platoon!'”

According to the real Snowden, he misses America so much he’s willing to return if he’s guaranteed a fair trial. At least that’s what his Russian attorney has claimed.

During a news conference Tuesday, Anatoly Kucherena said he joined Snowden’s U.S. and German lawyers to find a way to get Snowden back to the United States. No other details were made available.

Critics suggest Snowden obtained the OK from Russia’s Vladimir Putin to stay because he was working with the nation’s security agencies, but the rumors were denied by the Russian president.

Snowden has moved freely but his exact whereabouts have not been made public. According to his attorney, he has guards that accompany him most of the time. The attorney has called Snowden a “heroic and open person.” He has also praised the NSA whistleblower for his strong “principles and convictions.”

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