Secession Makes More Sense Than Article V Convention of States

Why the “Convention of States” Project won’t work
…but secession will

March 4, 2015—The latest craze throughout many Tea Party groups is to support the notion that our Constitution should be changed. This ill-conceived idea didn’t just come from Mark Levin’s book, the “Liberty Amendments.” It has been planned for decades and has been pushed by, both, the left and the right since the 1970’s.

In order to achieve the ultimate goals of the globalist movement, the Constitutional re-writers must transform our existing form of government (a Republic). Remember, Obama used the words “fundamentally transformed” and Michael Farris calls it, “structurally changed.” The effort began with the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations in 1964 and is recently pushed through several Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) such as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), on the right, and their counterpart on the left, the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL). The last push for an Article V convention was done by the left (in 1995) and was supported by ALEC…now it’s being sold to the other side with ALEC at the helm.


When I first learned of this push by COS (“Convention of States”), I thought how overwhelming it all was. I felt like I wasn’t qualified to understand all of the requirements, the “safeguards”, nor the history of Article V. But it’s very easy to analyze, just go right to the core. The Constitution is not the problem and amending it is not the solution to our out-of-control federal government! Later, I partnered up with Constitutional Attorney, Richard Fry, and launched the Defend Not Amend project in January 2014.

You see, they want us talking about how many delegates will be going and who selects them. They want us to debate over whether the states or the feds are in control. If they can keep us talking about the things that don’t matter, then nobody will notice who is behind the entire push. Furthermore, these issues don’t matter because even if it everything goes 100% as the rewriters suggest and we come up with a more perfect constitution (in spite of the fact that we don’t have any Thomas Jefferson’s or George Washington’s around) it will still be in the hands of corrupt politicians who have been ignoring the current Constitution. Do you think President Obama will follow a newly written Constitution no matter how good it is? Do you see the logical disconnect?

The problem is that many good people who, truly, care about our country are being misled by paid talking heads such as Glenn Beck, Tim Baldwin, Michael Farris, Mark Meckler, Rob Natelson and other “conservative” proponents and state legislators influenced by ALEC to push the agenda.

Let’s analyze a few of their assertions. First, they market it as a “limited” convention when it will be anything but limited. There is no way to limit the outcome. Even The COS Attorney (Robert Kelly, below) admitted that it would open up the ENTIRE Constitution for changes and, once opened up, cannot be controlled.

Historian Edwin Vieira says it’s a “limitation which is, actually, an expansion” and has explained further:

“This thing is, totally, open ended…you have no idea what’s going to be proposed, you have no idea what procedures are going to be adopted, you have no idea whether the states are going to ratify…and you have no idea what the courts are going to do with, either, the amendments themselves or the procedures that led up to the amendments.”

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Technically, the changes during an amendment convention could be as much as wiping out the entire document except for a word like “and” or it could just mean changing the wording of our 2nd Amendment to what has been proposed in the “Constitution for the New States of America.”

Here is how their 2nd Amendment would read: There shall be a responsibility to avoid violence and to keep the peace; for this reason the bearing of arms or the possession of lethal weapons shall be confined to the police, members of the armed forces, and those licensed under law.

The bottom line is that the “protections/safeguards” that are claimed from COS, ALEC, and their think tank buddies are no protections at all. They are manipulations that have been well-funded and well-planned out by a bunch of attorneys and progressive thinkers from both sides of the aisle. They try to fool people by calling it a convention of “states” when it would be a national convention which will be called by Congress. The Supreme Court has said that when states are acting under Article V of the Constitution, they are not acting under state authority but are acting under federal authority of the Constitution and are performing a “federal function.”

Even if it were as the re-writers claim and was “called” by state legislators (and it won’t be), how many people can brag that their state is being run by solid constitutionally-minded representatives? The truth of the matter is that our state leaders are just as guilty of eroding our liberties as the feds. Obamacare wasn’t shoved onto the states, they signed up for it. Common Core? Same thing. Until the people reign in their state legislators and stop them from accepting federal funding, they cannot be trusted…especially, with something like changing our constitution.

Unfortunately, after a hard look in the mirror, we must admit to ourselves that the root problem of our crumbling nation is that “We The People” have failed to make our public servants uphold the Constitution and that we have not kept up our position as the keepers of liberty. George Washington said, “the United States came into existence as a Nation, and if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own.”

The Constitution is not the problem. They wouldn’t abide by an amended one any more than they do the one we have almost lost. Do we have a problem of a runaway federal government, or is that just the symptom to the REAL issue of the fact that the people haven’t upheld the Constitution? As Constitutional Attorney, Richard Fry, reminds us, “Ask yourselves, Why do our public servants not uphold their oath?…Why don’t they follow the Constitution?…Isn’t the answer to that, that ‘We the People’…the Sovereigns and Master of this country, have failed to hold our servants accountable? …Isn’t that the REAL problem?…Isn’t that the thing we need to work on? Isn’t that the solution?” The solution rests within us!

The part that people should be paying closer attention to is asking who is behind the agenda. Who are the people behind the mask? It’s the same culprits that gave us the Federal Reserve, the IRS, Wall Street bankers, presidents like Woodrow Wilson and FDR, and who control our media, get us into the illegal wars, etc. It is the ultimate takeover of our Constitutional Republic by the left and right.

InChuckBaldwin2_IMG the words of former presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, “the same forces of darkness that control the political establishment in Washington, D.C., also control the media and financial establishments in New York City.”

These Constitutional re-writers claim how anyone who questions their authority on this must be against the Founders or don’t have any answers. They are dead wrong — they just don’t like our answers.

The answer doesn’t lie in the Constitution. It is in the wording of that which declared our independence and made us free from a tyrant – The Declaration of Independence. The answer to our problems lies within the people and it is our duty to stick to the document that gave us our birth and independence.

Chuck Baldwin has it absolutely correct. He just announced how “liberty’s last chance” is by states seceding from the union.

“Secession is inevitable.”

“The American people must take their principles of liberty to the Third Continental Congress and vote on a Twenty-First Century declaration of independence.”

Notice how his words give the power back to the PEOPLE instead of depending on government officials and attorneys. Baldwin also says, “And, no, a modern declaration of independence does not have to be bloody. Had Scotland voted for independence a few months ago, would London have sent troops to stop them? Absolutely not. World opinion would not tolerate it.” A majority of the world (outside of Britain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia) hate the U.S. government, so would they really be able to send troops into such a movement by the liberty people of the states?

According to my mentor and constitutional advocate, Mike Gaddy, “Secession is our only recourse for liberty. To discount secession is to provide a negative to the founding principles of our country. To deny secession is to state America should not exist and the Declaration of Independence should never have been written.”

Like most reading this article, I have been fighting for liberty for many years and now and we need an action plan that will restore the republic. I believe this is one big step in that direction.

“Secession is a deeply American principle. This country was born through secession.” – Ron Ron-Paul-quote-213x3001Paul

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