Ron Paul: ISIS Has Taken Over Libya Because Of Intervention


March 11, 2015—For Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, Dr. Paul and Ron Paul Institute’s executive director Daniel McAdams discussed interventionism abroad.

When Dr. Paul talked about Libya hitting the news again, he reminded us that maybe just finding the truth about what caused the turmoil in the region may serve as enough of a good incentive to keep fighting for liberty:

“I keep looking for the good news, occasionally I see it, but not all that often, but Libya is a mess. Maybe we can figure out something good to say about Libya. Maybe just discovering the truth is what might be beneficial.”

Foreign intervention, Ron Paul said, continues to be one of the main reasons why we’ll continue living in perpetual war. To him, Libya is a reflexion of bad policy:

“This has been going on—it wasn’t this administration—this has been going on with both administrations [Bush & Obama] for a long, long time. I’ve talked about it in the past. I’ve talked about the 25-year war and believe the building up of the American empire really started back in the 1990s.”

But what does he mean by that?

“Early in the 1990s, and the early part of this century, it was Iraq [that suffered with interventionism] and then Afghanistan. And it’s a mess. We have Yemen—that is a mess! We don’t have any places that we have had successes even though [everybody says] mission accomplished!”

To Ron Paul, it’s easy for people to call Yemen a success, even though it isn’t the truth. But when it comes to Libya, everybody falls silent.

“If you ask the average person in the street if they know anything about it [Libya], they will say ‘oh, that’s Benghazi! That’s how Hillary messed up.’ … But, we get information out today, which is terrible. It should shock us, it should wake us up, but it should be totally expected, and that is [about] one of the ‘good guys’—a lot like the good guys we helped in Syria, and they ended up helping ISIS. Now, it looks like ISIS has a strong presence in Libya. Just like there was no al Qaeda in Iraq and now there is.”

If Ron Paul is right, America’s intervention in Libya may have opened up the gates for ISIS. The instability that the U.S. caused by helping to oust Gaddafi  may have made the idea of an ISIS strong rule something locals may be starting to embrace.

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At some point during the report, Paul asked:

“Can you believe that one of the guys we used, sent him money and support to overthrow Gaddafi… where is he now?”

And this is what Daniel McAdams replied:

“He’s the head of ISIS in Libya!”

Watch the video here:

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Source: Ron Paul Institute

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