My Rock Song Tribute to Whistleblowers

Inspired by Edward Snowden and Other Whistleblowers

March 26, 2015—”Don’t Turn the Voices Off” is a perfect fit for this patriotic site that you are viewing at this very moment! We need the truthful voices heard, and so the song was written on behalf of all of the brave whistleblowers, too many to mention…but I’m going to try!

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Here is a list of some of the voices that inspired me to write this song – so many that they did not fit in the lyrics, but were in my heart while writing this tune: Julian Assange, Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, Edward Snowden, Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Amber Lyons, Jesse Ventura, Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Stossel, Dennis Kucinich, David Icke, Alex Jones, Ben Swann, Richard Gilbert, Alan Russo, Kristen Meghan – and half of a Sanjay Gupta (the jury is still out on him). There are quite a few of these patriots mentioned in the song.

Our tax dollars, excuse me – our BORROWED tax dollars are used to pay for cover-ups and lies. My hopes in writing this song is that it would help in some way reveal the truths “We The People” deserve to know…after all, WE paid for it! The chorus speaks for itself:

“Don’t Turn The Voices Off! When did truth become a crime? Don’t Turn The Voices Off! Let the criminals do their time! Don’t Turn The Voices Off! Seeds of doubt, Nothing good’s for free! Don’t Turn – We paid our dues, It’s time to let us SEE.”

This song also slightly touches on the issue of medical marijuana and hemp.

“Don’t Turn The Voices Off” was originally recorded by “Randonymous” and originally titled “Heroes and Traitors.” I had recorded it with male vocals prior to Bradley Manning’s sex -change announcement. I then re-recorded it with Queen Diva Dale Bozzio’s voice. I have mentioned in previous articles that I was fortunate enough to have Dale record seven of my songs of protest. In this particular song, you will notice that I used the word pronunciation “REVEAL-ATION”, and this is intentional. I believe what we need is undeniable proof of the corruption, proof that these heroes in my song have obtained for us – and it needs to be revealed. Therefore, in my opinion, we need a “ReVEALation” instead of a Revolution.

I truly hope you will enjoy this liberty song, share it with your friends , and use it to support and free the whistleblowers who are suffering. And, as always, support Ron and Rand Paul!

I am a grassroots supporter and do not speak on behalf of Ron or Rand Paul. This song and my other Liberty songs are available for free downloads at my Soundcloud page.

What other libertarian music have you heard? Let us know in the comments.

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