The Importance of Financial Education

March 27, 2015—Bubba comments on the bad economic data that was released on Wednesday. Bubba maintains that the markets never change and that the data being released by the government doesn’t seem to relate to the plight of average Joe. Bubba states that he is not bullish on what is happening today, and unless we get some relief from the standoff in Washington he doesn’t see good results.

Bubba speaks 5099605109_2ff8a9778b_oabout the spot he did with Michael Hansworth on BNN. Michael asks Bubba what is happening to the VIX (volatility index) he says that volatility is very low and that it is tough on traders. Investors like this environment because they can sleep at night, but traders are having a tough time making a living. Bubba and Michael comment on the recent highs in the NASDAQ and their perception of where it will go in the future.

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Bubba talks with Michael discuss the problems that High School students will encounter when they are faced with the problems of reaching maturity. Most schools don’t educate them on the problems that they will face when they leave the nest and must make financial decisions on their own. Bubba tells Michael about his program that is designed to help graduating seniors deal with the problems they will encounter.

Bubba talks about the difference between Canadian financial regulations and those of the United States. He comments on the spread between the U.S. dollar and the Canadian currency. Michael and Bubba discuss how markets tend to over and under value themselves. It is a human tendency to follow the herd and markets do the same thing. Bubba concludes that markets never change it is the people who trade then that makes life interesting.

Why don’t public schools do a better job at financial education? Share your opinions in the comments.

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