Escape From Healthcare Tyranny

March 30, 2015—Edward and Louise DeLaney of Young Living Essential Oils join me on the Prepper Recon Podcast today. We talk about the plethora of issues plaguing the healthcare industry in America. The problems are legion and complex.

A primary indicator pulse-trace-163708_1280of our failing healthcare system is the overmedication of our society. While we are one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, we have more citizens on anti-depressants than any other. We also have an extremely high rate of people taking medication for diabetes. While each individual’s case is different, both of these ailments can be treated with proper diet and exercise more often than not. It’s difficult to access blame for this particular conundrum. On one side of the coin I have to ask why doctors aren’t exhausting every other possible solution before writing a prescription. On the other side, I have to wonder if patients would do the work required to manage these ailments without medication. The outcome is that we have morphed into a there’s-a-pill-for-that culture. Popping a pill is easy and it doesn’t distract me from the important things in life, like debating whether Bruce Jenner’s dress is gold and white or blue and black.

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Another obvious problem has been created by the Affordable Care Act, which, despite its name, has made insurance premiums unaffordable for millions. Working stiffs, like myself, have seen a 300% increase in premiums for high-deductible plans. Despite the two-percent Federal fine levied against a worker’s entire earnings, many workers are forced to go without insurance to pay rent and maintain essential services so they can stay on the hamster wheel and continue to finance the government’s profligate welfare and warfare spending.

The problems are crystal clear but the answers can be somewhat murky. The first step is to begin taking responsibility for your own healthcare. Just as it is your civic duty to question authority, it is also your job to do your own research about your healthcare challenges before and after speaking to your doctor. In many cases, you may find holistic and natural alternatives to pills and surgery.

What’s the biggest problem with America’s healthcare system? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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