Is America Becoming a Constitution-Free Zone?

March 30, 2015—With each passing day, our civil liberties, detailed in the U.S. Constitution are being taken from us by big government. This tyrannical behavior is becoming more and more evident as certain authoritative figures disclose their plans with no remorse. This is evident with the creation of the idea of political correctness and “free-speech” zones sweeping the nation and infringing on our First Amendment rights. But the most appalling of infringements allowed by the American people has to be the idea of “Constitution-free” zones.


According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a Constitution-free zone is the term given to all land within a 100-mile radius of America’s border around the country. Although it has not been officially declared that these areas are literally Constitution-free, it can be proven that the rules of the Constitution are not respected by authorities in these areas.

An example would be the random searches performed by the NYPD in any of the subway lines, as well as the ferry terminals that reside in New York City—which falls entirely in the Constitution-free zone. These random searches are an absolute violation of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights.

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It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of the United States population resides in these Constitution-free zones and are subject to infringements of their individual liberties by authorities at any time—all in the name of border safety. Living in these Constitution-free zones can lead to the violation of many rights of American citizens.

The problem with these zones is that their existence immediately violates our Fourth Amendment rights that protect us from unwarranted searches and seizures. According to the government, in these zones, Federal authorities do not need warrants or even probable cause in order to conduct what they refer to as a “routine search.”

Along with that, in these Constitution-free zones, Border Patrol authorities have the jurisdiction to operate unconstitutional and random immigration checkpoints. This allows them the authority to pull anyone over, without reasonable suspicion of an immigration violation.

The ACLU also stated that, “The regulations establishing the 100-mile border zone were adopted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 1953—without any public comments or debate. This proves that the establishment of these Constitution-free zones were not due to the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, the Gulf War, or even the War on Terror, but were instead a long-running plan that was intended to eventually be put into effect.”

These zones are an abomination to the American public, but more importantly to freedom itself. The fact that these Constitution-free zones even exist on American soil is proof that not only has the American government officially abandoned the Constitution as the law of the land, but the people have as well. It is essential for every American to be aware of these infringements and understand that you may be living in a Constitution-free zone—despite a border being nowhere in sight.

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