Roots of the National Security State: The Libertarian Angle

March 30, 2015—Ever wondered why? Why is the United States government so militarily involved across the globe? Why do the words “national security” trump the Constitution, accountability, and checks and balances? Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, answers these questions and more on this episode of The Libertarian Angle.

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Hornberger opens The_Pentagon_US_Department_of_Defense_buildingup the discussion with an introduction to different theories about how the national security state works:

“The way this apparatus came into existence was as a result of the Cold War that was launched at the end of World War II. That was when we got the National Security Act which brought into existence the Defense Department, the giant military establishment, the permanent bases, the CIA, and later the NSA. There’s people that think, “Oh this is just another part of the government,” but yet as it has developed, I would suggest it developed into something much different than that.

While we ostensibly think that it came about as part of the executive branch of the government, the military and the CIA are answerable to the president. As we’ve seen in various works dealing with what’s called the “deep state” or in a recent book that I absolutely love and highly recommend called National Security and Double Government, the author Michael Glennon who teaches, I think, at Tufts University, referred to it as Double Government. His thesis is that once the national security apparatus came into existence that it essentially became the center of power of the federal government.”

How would national security work in a libertarian society? Make your voice heard in the comments section.

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