How Will the Market React to Next Week’s Unemployment Numbers?

March 31, 2015—Bubba comments on the jobs number being released on a day when the market is closed. He questions what the Bureau of Labor statistics could be thinking. He said that he fears the problems that this decision could create in the market. The biggest number of the month released into an illiquid market. He asks how long bad news can be good news.

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Bubba and the 5351620319_e7746f2c93_oBadger discuss the problem between the Obama Administration and the leader of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. The Badger shares his disbelief that the current administration is going to oppose Israel in the UN. Bubba comments on the current problems with Israel. Badger comments on the current stalemate in Congress between the Republican Congress and the White House. The Badger comments on the problems of entitlement in today’s society. Bubba agrees that entitlements are hurting the U.S.

Bubba comments that the Badger had it right twelve years ago when he said that we should never go to Iraq. Badger comments on the fact that the whole war was mismanaged and that the release of the Iraqi army with no means to support their families turned out to be a catastrophe. The Badger laments what is happening in the Middle East. The problems in many of the countries don’t seem to have an immediate solution.
Bubba asks the Badger how he sees the current conflict in the Middle East to what has happened in the past. The Badger comments on the how the current problems between Muslims and the West are not new they go back over a thousand years. He notes that there are few good guys on either side of the conflict. The interview concludes with Bubba and the Badger concluding that it is a very difficult problem.

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