Immigration Crisis: 39,000 Minors to Cross Border This Fiscal Year

April 9, 2015—As communities around the United States continue to deal with last year’s record immigration surge of unaccompanied children, a report indicates 39,000 more are on their way this fiscal year.

Federal fiscal years CBP_Patchrun from October 1 to September 30. Last year’s immigration episode of 53,500 minors crossing into the country illegally was an all-time record. 2015 looks to take second place according to a report by the Migration Policy Institute. MPI reached its estimates by assessing the numbers reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the first five months following October 1, 2014.

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Children arriving from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala (known as the Northern Triangle, the most violent region in the world) will settle in, among other established communities, Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island, New York according to the report’s author, Marc Rosenblum.

As long as the rampant CBP_pat_downviolence in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala makes life impossible for families and children, there will be unaccompanied minors coming to America. The fact that last year’s immigration crisis won’t be repeated at the same level is due to the federal government’s actions, according to MPI.

But MPI also sees the federal action as focused on needs right here and now, without addressing long-term solutions and the roots of the immigration crisis.

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