Not The Onion: DEA Wants More Marijuana For Its ‘Unanticipated Needs’

April 9, 2015—Yesterday the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sent a letter to the Federal Register recommending the US government cultivate 882 pounds of marijuana for research, up more than three-fold from their original estimate.

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Only through the Cannabidiol_momomethyl_etherDEA and its licensure process can marijuana be studied. And according to the DEA, there are “unanticipated medical, scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States,” that justify the increase request. Those authorized to manufacture marijuana showed that cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound that makes up 40% of marijuana extract but doesn’t get you high, continues to show benefits beyond their expectations.

From cancer to HIV Cannabis_sativa_Köhlerto Alzheimer’s, marijuana is shown in study after study to be medically beneficial. The federal government still officially recognizes no medical value. Little by little, however, things are changing. The DEA’s call for tripling marijuana production for government research is one of the bigger little changes at the federal level.

Will marijuana’s benefits be recognized by the federal government soon? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

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