Why A President Hillary Clinton Would Disempower Women

Hillary Clinton: Whatever you do, don’t play the gender card.
I am asking this as a woman.

April 23, 2015—Hillary Clinton officially launched her presidential campaign last Sunday through an announcement in which women, mostly mothers, were the obvious protagonists; a clear indicative of what this presidential run will be about for the former First Lady: the gender card.

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In times when women Msc_2005-Sunday-Hillaryempowerment is a major issue (as it should be), the fact that a woman is campaigning to be the most powerful leader on the planet might seem appealing at first sight. After all, would there be a better sign for the world to see how much we have accomplished in terms of rights? Yes, there would be, and it would be this one: a candidate’s gender or race being a completely irrelevant detail. 

Hillary is an incredibly intelligent woman – for instance, did you notice how quickly she got rid of her last name? – and as such she will be a great(er) emotional manipulator and, in consequence, the public will be labeled as “conservative” or “sexist” if they decide not to join her in her dream of “being a champion.”

In this scenario, Rand Paul is being totally taken out of context by the leftist media and is accused of “mansplaining.” It would be extremely naive of us to believe that this is a coincidence. From now on, get ready; everyone who isn’t a Clinton supporter will have to mansplain their reasons to others. It is the card she is playing, and everybody, but very particularly women, should not allow her to go further in her game using our gender in vain.

Just a comment before I go on: I wonder if the leftist media that campaigns for Hillary isn’t perturbed by that red arrow pointing to the right in her logo. It is a real doubt that I have.

Being a woman – such as being black, gay or Hispanic – is not a virtue on its own, it’s a mere feature. We mustn’t be fooled. Her gender was a biological accident, it cannot be used as a valid merit or qualification. And it is precisely because of how hard it has been for us women to get where we are now that we shouldn’t accept Clinton’s banalizing of our femaleness.

Many think that what America needs is a change — I agree — and some believe that a woman could represent that change. I also agree with that statement. But do you really think a Clinton (or a Bush) is change? That would be a quite far-fetched and convenient definition of change, wouldn’t it?

Hillary is, above all things, a Clinton – she chose to be a Clinton, she didn’t choose to be a woman (that was just luck) and we must not forget that. 
Not long ago, her husband flooded prisons with poor, black people as part of the disastrous War on Drugs – remember that good ol’ Bill was a particularly fierce president on this field. Hillary won’t be any different, and if we believe she will, we are the ones to blame.

The former First Lady has flirted with some big banks that hide behind her campaign – a clear example of lack of transparency and crony capitalism, something that we, as free market capitalism advocates oppose vehemently. 

Coincidentally(?), season 5 of Game of Thrones also started last Sunday. Bush. Clinton. Bush. Clinton? “They’re all just spokes on a wheel. This one’s on top, then that one’s on top, and on and on it spins.”

If a real change is what we need, we must break the wheel, and that’s the decision American people need to make.

Hillary has some explaining to do: she voted for the Iraq war. She voted for the Patriot Act. Are we forgetting Benghazi? And what about Travelgate? Would you really trust America’s future to a person who is unable to handle two e-mail accounts simultaneously? The list goes on.

Hillary Clinton wants people to vote for her because she is a woman, but it is because she is the woman she is that she mustn’t be elected. She will, I guarantee it, misrepresent our gender. She will vilify us. Hillary Clinton is a threat to women empowerment, a menace to everything we have rightfully earned. 

Hillary Clinton wants the American people to vote with their emotions and genitals. Remind her America has memory. Remind her America has a brain.

Will Hillary Clinton be the next president? Share your prediction in the comments below.

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