Rand Paul Fan, Blasted for Being Black and Female, Stands Stronger

April 26, 2015—”I stand with Rand” are words Zuri Davis wears proudly. Davis is standing even stronger after her response to leftist online bullying went viral. As a black woman, she was subjected to harsh words for her support of presidential candidate Rand Paul.

But it’s Davis’s words that are making the most impact in the story:

“I think it’s sad that for a party that’s supposed to be very diverse, when it comes to diversity of thought the acceptance is just not there. Where are we if we don’t have diversity of thought? How are we supposed to have intelligent conversations with each other? How are we supposed to learn from each other? How are we supposed to get a different perspective on life?”

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The attack on Davis general-photo-2came from inside a Hillary Clinton-supporting Facebook group sharing a photo of her at a Rand Paul rally. Here’s the comment:

“A FEMALE AFRICAN AMERICAN who is standing with Rand.
She must not realize the platform.
The fact he’s pretty much regarded as a racist, sexist, asshole along with the rest of his party.

Honey, honey, honey.”

Standing with Rand is akin to standing at the wrong water fountain if the logic of some is to be followed. Fortunately, there are people like Zuri Davis who take a stand with articles like this one: “Is it okay for someone who looks like me to Stand with Rand Paul?”

Will millennials have a real impact in 2016? Make your voice heard in the comments.

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