Official US Policy to Yemen: Starve the Children (Like in Iraq)

April 29, 2015—On the most recent episode of former congressman Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, he and Institute for Peace and Prosperity executive director Daniel McAdams discussed the latest news out of Yemen.

Ron Paul opened with an historical context: “I wanna look into a little bit about why the people, especially the children, are starving in Yemen and also are without water and medication. It sounds a little like what was happening in Iraq leading up to the Iraq War,” he said.

Here Paul is alluding to President Clinton’s campaign of sanctions that killed 500,000 Iraqi children. Clinton’s Secretary of State justified the astounding number:

What does this have to do with US policy towards Yemen? After Yemen’s former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi (who rose to power in a coup and was “elected” as the only candidate on the ballot) resigned as Yemeni rebels known as Houthis stormed his palace, Saudi Arabia began to bomb Yemen to stop further Houthi advances. Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia, reassumed his role as Yemeni president, and ordered the Saudis to bomb the country he had just escaped.

At this time, the US was deep into talks with Iran regarding a guiding outline to an eventual deal on Iran’s civilian nuclear program. Because the Saudis and their Sunni allies are adversaries of the Shiite Iran, there was pressure for the US to prove its relationship with the Saudi Kingdom had not diluted. Now the US is militarily engaged on the side of Saudi Arabia as it bombs and blocks aid to Yemen. The US sends arms and uses its naval forces to block shipments of humanitarian aid.

In the video, Ron Paul asks, “I don’t know what would satisfy them. How does this end?”

Daniel McAdams cites the figures of 12 million Yemenis with no food, 25 million with no fuel to even cook food they have, and 13 million with no water. What’s 500,000 dead civilians in the grand scheme? McAdams also refers to the growth of al Qaeda as the Houthis and civilians are continually weakened and killed.

How does this end? What is the US interest in starving Yemen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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