How to Fix America’s Foreign Policy Disasters

May 5, 2015—In an information-packed episode of The Libertarian Angle, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, Jacob Hornberger, welcomes talk radio host Scott Horton to the program.

Hornberger and Horton tackle the recent history of US foreign policy, intervention and meddling overseas. How can the consequences of the American Empire be ameliorated?

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Speaking about the situation in Iraq, Hornberger noted, “I don’t see how they could’ve expected anything different. When you go in there and effect a regime change violently, there’s going to be people that you’ve ousted that are going to be very angry about this. And in fact, ISIS also consists of many of the old Saddam Hussein people who were ousted from power by the US government. So it’s not surprising that they’ve joined the insurgency against the US-installed regime so you end up with what’s effectively a civil war.”

Horton followed up, “Take a look at Iraq or any of these examples. Any proposed intervention that you could do, it’s that easy to just come up with the hypothetical ‘So then what?’ Even if it works, say for example we re-invade Iraq, who are we fighting for? We’re fighting for the Shi’ite militias of the Badr Brigade backed up by the Iranian Quds Force, and so, like just now with American air power they kicked out all the Islamic State fighters out of Tikrit, but so now the question is are they going to populate that town with Shi’ites? And expand the borders of Shiastan? Are they going to let the local Sunni population come back to what was a predominantly Sunni city just a few months ago? And this is the war that we’ve been fighting over there since 2003, kicking Sunnis out and replacing them with Shia this whole time. The Shia, who are backed by Iran, who are supposedly our enemies.”

When will America try a non-interventionist foreign policy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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